Enable technology professionals to drive effective digital transformation in businesses through         targeted training that caters to varied business    domains.


The training program is designed and delivered with a focus on highly motivated and eager graduates and technical professionals seeking a change in their careers in digitalization of businesses.


The training program is built on the foundations of Trust and Technology enablement.




Each trainee shall be paired with an experienced mentor that matches their field of interest for their career path, who will spend time and effort to bring out the best.

The training program is developed by digital transformation professionals with 100+ years of combined experience in the areas of Product   Development, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / Analytics / Edge Solutions

· IIoT architecture and landscape

· Asset/Equipment condition monitoring, manufacturing performance tracking

· Business intelligence, predictive and prescriptive maintenance

· AI and ML in Manufacturing and Sustainability

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solutions


· Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling

· Manufacturing Execution Solutions (MES)

· Manufacturing Intelligence and Real-time Performance Analytics

· Quality Management Solutions


Agile Product Development


· Enterprise IT Architecture Planning and Assessment

· Agile Methodologies

· DevOps Framework, Tools, and Practices (CI/CD)

· Programming skills: Angular framework, React, JavaScript, Python, Golang

· Database modeling & design: Relational & non-Relational


SmarTekPro’s unique approach to training young professionals in providing them an environment of experience-based learning sets it apart from their competition.

All technical topics above will have a classroom instructional component, followed by case-studies using real-life scenarios to practically exercise your learning. 

Finally, to ensure the training has been effective, the candidates will be interactively tested through an interview type setting. The focus of this new approach is to improve the candidate’s confidence, communication, and expression of organized thought about the subject matter.