About us

: Who we are

Combined 75+ years of experience in Information Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Finance. Expertise in simplifying complex business operations, optimize business processes and accelerate throughput. Lead high profile engagements in driving improved quality delivery, thus increasing ROI and Revenue growth. SmarTekPro is a trusted partner in IT and digital transformation.

: Who we can help

  • Manufacturing

> Automotive

> Aerospace & Defense

> Heavy Equipment

  • Specialty Manufacturers / Ancillaries
  • Consumer Product Group
  • Hospitals, Providers and Health Plans
  • Pharma & Medical equipment
  • Financial Institutions

: What we do

  • Enable Digital Transformation
  • IT and Business Domain Training
  • Closed Loop Manufacturing (MOM, PLM, ERP)
  • Product Development
  • Consulting
  • O11Y (Observability – Enterprise Analytics and Data Insights)